Keeping In Contact Via E-mail

The 50th reunion committee has been diligently contacting people to confirm mailing addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.  We found many classmates who would like to be contacted by their high school friends by way of e-mail.  Thus… we are adding this page for anyone who would like to share their e-mail address.  It will be listed here.

NOTE:  As written in “E-mail Safety” we have promised not to share your e-mail address with anyone!   We promise… your e-mail address is safe with us.  We have had some requests for addresses but we will not share without your permission.  You give your permission by adding your name and e-mail address to this page.

If you are interested in being contacted by other members of the class by e-mail…. send your name and e-mail address by clicking on “Contact Kathy” and I will make sure your e-mail address is added to the list.  Those who are listed here would like to be contacted as a friend.  They don’t want to be solicited for business etc.  Please be respectful.

Hey… e-mail these folks… they would like to hear from you.

  • Johnny Burr:                                       
  • Flora Jackman Harrington              
  • Judy Carter Seegmiller                     
  • Kathy Distefano Griffiths                 
  • Deanna Oyler Troxell                        
  • Leann Daley Ammons                       
  • Colleen Wilson Rondas                     
  • MarLou Wolsey Irvine                      
  • Beth Addis Hone                                

Beth Addis Hone