In Memory Of Class Members

Maurine Trotter Penrod has been diligent in keeping track of our class members who has passed away in the last five years.  However, there may be a few she has missed.  If you are aware of any more members who have left us… please let committee member Beth Addis Hone know by e-mailing her at “Contact Beth.”

Class members who have passed away since our last reunion in 2006.

Marlynn Buckley — Shirlie Baum Lowe — Carole Ann Marie Burmeister Robinson — Russell H. Christen – Ralph J. Coomes — Fred Creviston — Geareld D. Davis — Peggy Gabbitas Wiscomb —  Bob Herbert — Charlene Henderson — Jairus Ketih –Lois Lund Bray — Su Morgan De Corte  — Steve E. Nielsen — Ann Paddock Fenn — Bruce Shelton — Bertha Sisneros  Jolley — Jay Simons — Ann Thurston Johnston — Wayne Young

Class members who have passed away previous to our 45th year reunion in 2006.

A.  Gary Anderson — Joe Archuleta — DeAnn Bandley Fortner — Carolyn Bird — Don Black — Saundra Kaye Boyer Evans — Jack Bray —  Judy Butterfield Knorr — Joyce Ann Caldwell — Pat Cheever Nelson — Mary Lou Christensen — John Clark — Kathryn Cloward — Douglas Cluff — Herbert Colman — Douglas Cox — Bruce Darling — Nancy Debloois — Georgianne Farr Swensen — Dale Giles — Karen Grow Tuomisto — Mary Kay Grow — Laureen (Mitzi) Henderson Steele — Frank Hoover — Donna Hundley — Joyce Jones Johnson — Noelle Jolly — Lloyd Kimber — Ron King — Dee Kerby — Mary Laird Bennett — Michael Larsen — Lynn Matthews — Diane McDonald — Linda Mecham — Jay Pasket — Neil Riggs — Suzette Ripple Arnoldus — Rocky Rockwell —  Harry Rodebach — Linda Roundy Willey — Ronald Sabin — Craig Seegmiller — Ruth Ann Smith Dahle — Kathy Sorensen — Norman Taylor — Paul Terry — Ferrell Tew — Jean Vacher  — Janis White Brown — Douglas Whitlock — Kent Wilcock — Arnold Wilkins — Ionia Wilson Sorensen

We have lost 73 members of our class.

According to our detail man on the committee, Larry Carter… there were 460 people who attended Provo High in either 1959, 1960 or 1961 who would have graduated in 1961. There are 387 class mates who are still living.


Again… you can share new information with us by contacting committee member, Beth Addis Hone.  Click  “Contact Beth.”